In haar boek getitled Prayers of Boundless Compassion skryf Joyce Rupp hierdie pragtige gebed:

A Psalm of Compassion (based on Psalm 23)

Caring Shepherd and Guide of My Soul, many things I want—for self and others: freedom from worry, healing from hurts, financial security, health of body and spirit, sturdy relationships, lasting happiness, an end of needless suffering and sorrow, a peaceful planet where everything thrives.

You assure me that I do not have to want; you will lead me to an inner core of peace and guide me to ways that restore my spirit. Suffering will serve as a profound teacher, a catalyst of empathy and understanding that unites all who sit at the table of life.

You bid me come to you, to release my fears and allow you to anoint my worries with trust, to let you lead me to your resting place where I can listen to your calm, assuring voice.

No matter how dark the valley of tears, no matter how unending the turbulence, you are there with your embracing love. You are forever a reliant, caring presence.

You breathe your strength into my weakness. You promise to be a peaceful haven. You are the home where I can always dwell in your abiding goodness and compassion.

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  1. Susan Pieterse on September 9, 2018 at 1:53 pm said:

    Wonderlike vertroosting

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