Psalm 124

If it were not for You, O Beloved,
You who make all things new,
Fear and chaos would reign
in every heart; in You
will I trust forever


When doubt threatens to overwhelm
and separate me,
when anger makes me blind,
Then You, O Merciful One, are
to Awaken the holy, the sacred within me;
Then do your Living Streams of Grace enfold me.

Blessed are You, who are a very
Presence to us,
A comfort to troubled hearts!
Grant us the strength of eagle wings,
the courage to soar to new heights!
Break within us the bonds of fear
That we may live with love!

Our guidance comes from You,
O Counselor,
Blessed are You, O Giver of life!
Beloved of my heart!

Uit: Psalms for Praying, An Invitation to Wholeness.  Nan Merrill

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