Met gister se Hemelvaartsdag en met Pinkster net om die draai, deel ek graag hierdie liglied met julle.

O Light of Life!

O Light of life, O pure Light divine
Thou art in us; our ember is thine
Kindle our faith, give hope when we fear
Deepen our love, Thy fire appear.
Light of our souls, thou spark at our birth
Grow bright in us, shine in all the earth.

O Light of life, O true Light of peace
Storms will arise, let Thy light increase
Pierce through dark clouds, give pause to the proud
Let Thy shafts fall, lift humble heads bowed.
Answer our pleas, melt hearts in Thy flame
Make us as one, as one in Thy name.

O Light of life, O sweet Light of grace
Thou bids us come, we follow apace
See the bright tree, behold the white fruit
Feasting we weep, we witness the root.

O Light of life, O dear Light of love
Come wash us clean, send forth Thy white dove

Fill us with fire, enlighten our eyes
Help us to love, ’tis price of the prize
Then let us come, enrobe us in white
Clinging to Thee, light unto Thy light.

Light unto light

O Light of love


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